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Privacy Policy


Sporting Clube de Portugal respects the legislation on the protection on the right to a private life and the treatment of personal data, namely Law nº 67/98, of the 26 th of October, and Law 41/2004 of the 18 th of August and the redaction which took place through Law 46/2012 of the 29 th of August.


Responsibility for the treatment of data

Sporting Clube de Portugal is responsible for the collection and treatment of personal data which has been collected during use and/or registration on this website.


Purposes of treatment of data

The Sporting Clube de Portugal website and other websites and products with the club’s brand belong to Sporting Clube de Portugal SAD. The Sporting Clube de Portugal websites have the objective of providing information related to the club and SAD, as well as the provision of services to its members, fans and the general public.
This information can be used for processing online purchases, as well as developing mechanisms for the personalisation of the website.
The collection of personal data has the purpose of management in relation to members and fans, the provision of services such as payment of membership fees, ticket purchases, the adaptation of services to the needs and interests of its members and fans, information campaigns, marketing, in particular the sending of non-subscribed electronic communications for direct marketing namely through the use of automated telephone and communications systems which do not require human input (automatic telephone equipment), telemarketing and email. In relation to the sending of non-subscribed electronic information, please see the information provided below.
You may also make available personal data for other purposes, such as for the purposes of sending complaints and/or suggestions, the dissemination of institutional information about Sporting Clube de Portugal, campaigns, promotions, advertising and news about the club’s or SAD’s products and/or services, as well as for the undertaking of market studies and evaluation questionnaires.
To subscribe to some of the services and information available through the present website, you are required to provide the requested data, as it is impossible to to provide such services and information without this data.


Recipients of personal data

The data collected is intended for use by Sporting Clube de Portugal in agreement with the purposes outlined above and can be used by the club, SAD or any partner companies in the provision of services, namely Sportinveste Multimedia S.A.


Right of access

After registering, the user has the right to access all information about his/her data, to modify such data if incorrect or to erase such data under the terms of art. 11 of Law 67/98 of the 26th of October. To exercise this right, please send an email to, indicating your first name, surname and member number if applicable


Non-subscribed email communication

In accepting the present Privacy Policy, you expressly authorise Sporting Clube de Portugal to send non-subscribed communication for the purposes of direct marketing, namely through the use of automatic telephone and communication systems which do not require human input (automatic telephone equipment), telemarketing and email, including SMS (Short Message Service), EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service) MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) and other similar types of applications.
You can at any time – including at the point of collection – terminate this authorisation without any costs or consequences resulting therefrom. To exercise this right, please send an email to
As a provider of certain products or services and where Sporting Clube de Portugal has obtained email address details from its members, fans or the general public, within the terms of the Law of the Protection of Personal Data and within the context of the sale of a product or service, Sporting Clube de Portugal may use this date for direct marketing purposes or operational transaction services, under the condition that such purposes or services clearly and explicitly allow the client the possibility to easily and freely refuse the use of such email address details:
- at the moment of collection of this data;
- with each email sent, in cases in which the client did not initially refuse this use.



“Cookies” are small software tags which are stored on your computer through your browser, retaining information related to your preferences, not including your personal data.
Sporting Clube de Portugal may use cookies as a tool for determining the use, interest and number of users of its websites, thereby permitting quicker navigation and eliminating the need to repeatedly input the same information. The use of cookies is a normal practice for internet websites and the majority of internet browsers allow the user to accept, refuse or delete cookies, namely through the selection of the appropriate definitions in the respective browser.
The cookies used by Sporting Clube de Portugal respect anonymity and will not be used to collect any personal data of any sort. Through your browser you can deactivate cookies for the present website, as well as all other websites which you visit. In accepting the present Privacy Policy, you expressly authorise the use of cookies.


Collection of data from open networks

Despite the best efforts and use of security mechanisms by Sporting Clube de Portugal in relation to the collection of data from open networks, your personal data may be transmitted on an unsecured network and is thereby at risk of being seen and/or used by unauthorised third parties.



The Sporting Clube de Portugal website maintains an electronic archive which must not be used out of context or without the proper referencing of the source, publication and date of publication, in agreement with the regulations detailed under the “Use and reproduction of published information”.
The Sporting Clube de Portugal website was created and is updated in a way that makes all information on the website compatible with the most popular and most used internet browsers on the market.
The club reserves the right to interrupt or suspend access to the Sporting Clube de Portugal website for any necessary period or for any other technical, administrative reasons or in the case of force majeure.


Sending of messages to the Sporting Clube de Portugal website

Any communication or message sent by email, archive or file transfer, inclusion of data or any other type of non-subscribed communication is considered as non-confidential and free of any conditions of use, except in cases where indicated otherwise.
Users may be invited to participate in forums by Sporting Clube de Portugal which operate using precise and specific regulations which are intended to guarantee the respect and good name of participants.



Use and reproduction of published information

All context of this website is protected by the applicable Portuguese and European legalisation, namely in relation to copyright and any connected rights and industrial property rights and cannot be used outside of the conditions detailed on this website and/or without the consent of Sporting Clube de Portugal.
Articles published online may only be reproduced for non-commercial purposes or purposes which do not involve advertising, on the condition that such reproduction cites the source and respective date of publication. In the case in which such article is disseminated on the internet, such citation must also contain a link to the respective Sporting Clube de Portugal webpage and may only remain available online for one month.

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